Originally purchased in 1988 by Charles and Judith Nichols, the 440-acre “Bill Hanson Ranch” located near Monterey County is the future site of the Yanks expansion project.

Not intended to replace the current Chino location, the expansion will instead focus on providing visitors with a technologically enhanced larger atmosphere designed to fill the senses with rich American history coupled with the beauty and wonder of aviation. The new site will house a 4,250 square foot runway for museum flight operations and private aviation needs. An educational program with classrooms and a state of the art theater will provide visitors the opportunity to actively engage with aviation and solidify their love for the craft. A gas station and convenience store will soon begin construction.

Overnight and extended stay guests will have the opportunity to book a hotel room and indulge in a spa, enjoy the local winery, restaurants, and service facilities. Travelers will be able to park their recreational vehicles in the park located adjacent to the museum. All income generated from the services and businesses onsite will provide a recurring income to operate, maintain, and continue development of the Yanks Air Museum in Monterey, California.



  • December 2016 approval to start building the gas station and convenience store
  • Next in line for approval is the 400,000 gallonwater tower