President of Taiwan Visits Yanks Air Museum; Gifts Rare Aircraft As Thank You

July 17, 2015: President Ma Ying-jeou, 12th President of Taiwan, made an scheduled stop at the Yanks Air Museum today to see the F-5 Tiger II donated to Yanks and to pay his respects and show gratitude to the airmen of the Flying Tigers Unit (1st American Volunteer Group) who served in China’s war of resistance against Japan. President Ma Ying-jeou spent time chatting with the 92-year old retired Lieutenant Colonel Harold Javitt, USAF, as part of this historical visit. The fierce shark-faced nose art of the Flying Tigers remains one of the more recognizable images of any individual combat aircraft/unit of World War II. The Flying Tigers were responsible for helping to defend China against Japanese forces. President Ma Ying-jeou personally invited Colonel Javitt and his family to attend Taiwan’s commemorative parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan.